Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birth Mother, Thelma and her husband Bill

This is a picture of Thelma and her husband Bill.
This picture was taken a few years after I met them for the first time.
Bill was always very kind and loving to me, even though I was not his
child. Thelma told him about me after he came home from the war and he
was disappointed that she gave me up for adoption.

More to come as I get photos scanned. More about my sisters, and more about
my Mother's reaction when she leaned I had contacted my biological Mother.

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  1. I have an adopted daughter. She and I contacted her birth mother when she was 16. Her birth mother was 16 when she had my daughter. She would like to be a part of my daughter's life but my daughter isn't that interested. She was just curious for the most part.