Wednesday, January 2, 2013



It feels a little weird to write 2013.  There is something about that number 13 that makes my body cringe.  I am not superstitious so to speak.  However, In 2001 I took back a license plate that was mailed to us, after sending in our renewal.  The number was 666.  Now, again I want to say I am not superstitious but that did bother me, being raised in church most of my life.

When I approached the desk to speak to the woman behind the counter at the MVD, she ask if she could help me.  I told her I needed a new number for my tag and showed her the 666 plate.  She immediatly grabbed a new plate and said quickly, "I don't blame you."  This was in August of 2001.  My husband died unexpectdly Oct. 11, 2001.  Now, I don't know that the plate had anything to do with it...I am sure not.  But it did cross my mind....

 On a more cheerful note;  I have made a committment to read every morning and journal something...anything.  A few lines to several pages.  Just depends on what is in my head.  This morning I had help.  This is Simon.  He is 17 years old.  Usually he has his head on my hand when I am reading.  I am not a cat lover persay...but I have 2 cats that have been left with me from my daughter and granddaughter.  They have both moved away,  and have their own families, but not cats!!!    


One more look at Christmas before it comes down!

This reminds me of when my Grandchildren were in the Nut-
cracker ballet.  My daughter Laurie, and all 3 of her children
were performers.  Soooo many years ago.

The stocking that was given to me at the hospital when I
had my youngest daughter Leslee, who is now 39.  It is on
my tree every year.


Have a wonderful day, and come back.  I plan to share many stories, expecially now that I am old!!  xo