Monday, June 27, 2011


I have an old doll trunk that I have filled with books by Tasha Tudor. I loved her no nonsense about living an authentic life and enjoying all the little things that make life seem so simple.
There is a creek across from my house, and I have often wanted to go there and set a small cake, with candles, afloat on the slow moving water. I have not done that because, "What would the neighbor's think." But I think that someday I will tip toe, after way dark, with a little gran faerie, and we will slip under the bridge and set a cake to float...with candles burning brightly.


  1. I think that is a most beautiful gesture. And to hell with what the neighbors think.

    I must get some of her books myself..

  2. I used to love the profiles that the old Victoria magazine did on Tasha Tudo, visiting her cottage and all. When you set your cake afloat, be sure to take photos!

  3. Can I come over and enjoy your cake :-)

  4. Sharon, here's the info on the quilting smackdown you asked about:

  5. Never mind the neighbors, you go and send that cake, burning bright, floating down the creek! Take a grandchild to take pictures. I am looking forward to see them!