Monday, December 31, 2012

A scene from the last day of 2012

It is confusing to think about where this year has gone.  My head is swirling with memories of the winter dryness in Jan. to the healing of a loved one in March.  Summer was blistering hot, which made it uncomfortable to even enjoy the outdoors.  A/C was a blessing for many months.
November was filled with excitement for my Granddaughter's wedding, which followed Thanksgiving by 2 days!!

 Claire, my granddaughter is wearing a dress I made for her out of an old wedding dress I found at the Goodwill.  There was beading down the front and on her belt.  Box pleats all around the waist.  She was the flower girl.  That is my Grandson, Joe, the ring bearer. 5 and 6 years old.

 The Bride and Groom

My granddaughter Meggan
My new Grandson Ron.

The Lussier's

 I made all of the bouquets and flower arrangement for the chapel.  As you can read, there has been no time for blogging.

Me, Lois,Betty and Mary.  All in birth order  

Birthday party for 2 of my sisters who share Dec. dates with me, and 2 of my daughters.

Christmas was full and fun.  Family, prayers, grans and greatgran.  Life was good this year.  I look forward to the excitement of a new year with a new greatgran on the way.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello from the Land of Oz.  

We were blessed to have survived the terrible storms all around us last weekend!!
No damage at my home, however there were several area's very torn up in my city.


On a happier note, I am sharing some photo's that were inspired by a favorite blog,  Laurie posted some photo's of needle cases and sewing articles that reminded me of the items that I made a few years back.
Brenda, at me with her self-discipline making all the beautiful pillows, towels, etc.    Beth is a friend I met at Bird Song last year;  She loves to hand sew and does a fine job!!

The Hussif I made, is a little book  made out of silk dupione and then embellished with gathered treasures.  The lace was overdyed as well as the silk ribbon.  All the the items I have pictured, I made at Attic Heirlooms in Wichita, owner is Julie Craig.  She is an amazing artist and teacher.

I found this blog interesting as well;

I hope you all enjoy my little post today.  I sure enjoy visiting all of you and peeking into your life just a little.

 The binding lace is from France

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I wish for you a love letter, and a box of chocolate's...just the kind you like. XO

Monday, February 13, 2012

A time of Reflection

So far, this month has brought waves of change in my life.
A turning point in many homes. New's that brings fear and wonder.
For me it is a time of reflection and balancing what is important and what isn't. Two friends have been diagnosed with Cancer, both very serious. I have found that I have a lower back problem that has to do with aging, and I have a new pretty cane to walk with. I never expected this until maybe I was 80+ and then I could just sail on down life's highway and on to the next!! Funny how we think we will handle turning points..and funny how fast it happens!! I will see a Dr. that will inject happy juice in my back, (never have done this before), and then I will see the Surgeon just for a "meet and greet," so my PCP says. For now I go to PT 2 times a week, and wait for my appointment's next week. It is amazing what fear can conjure up in your mind when you do not know the unknown. I am sure what I will endure will be far less then my friends, and I am so grateful for them and their support of me.
Have a good day.