Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Morning from inside the freezer!! It is cold in Kansas and I am writing this in my pj's and warm socks.

This Blog thing is new for me, so my page is in progress as I search for pictures of all of the goodies I have created this past year. Having three daughters, 5 granddaughters, ages 2 1/2 to 22, and 4 grandsons, ages 4 to 26, I can keep really busy making the "new look" in pillowcases and repairing broken zippers to ripped jeans!! (I thought ripped jeans were in??)

My friend Dana, who lives in Utah, does most of my machine quilting. We share ideas and sweetly compete to get things done first!! We get together once a year for "Quilt Camp." Her sweet husband Steve takes good care of us as we spend our 2 weeks sewing, shopping, laughing, and actually finishing projects. I will share some of these on my page.

I love to embellish any fabric with everything I can find. Pictures to follow. (I sure wish I would have been more organized of pic's I have stored on my pc and cd's).

This is the beginning. More to come.