Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Middle of the Week musings

Finally the heat has broken, and it is cool in Kansas this morning.
A hint, just a tiny hint of fall on it's way.  The dead leaves are not
from the onset of fall, but from the intense heat we have had for
several weeks.  I grabbed my camera to take pictures of dead leaves,
but the lawn service swept them all away.

I will enclose a nice picture of cool...from inside my studio last winter. Ahhh that helps.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My dear friend brought me 2 cases of Colorado peaches this week and immediately I knew what to do.  I was hungry for a peach cobbler and the package arrived right on time!!  Imagine that.  I am so glad the Universe can read my mind.
Aren't these the most luscious peaches?  They were huge and just the right firmness.  I had juice running down my arm when eating one...
Sugar, water, sliced peaches.  Opps, I should have taken a picture of the batter;  flour, sugar, lots of butter and milk.
Well, here is the finished product, right out of the oven.  The brown on top is cinnamon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My two helpers in the studio.  This was taken about 5:30 am today.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Finally I finished my first "funky" purse.
No rules...just let my mind flow with all
of the paraphernalia I had gathered. It
was fun and easy sewing.
This piece of fabric reminded me of a bee hive.
"zee label for my work.
I would call this the front of the purse. This is made with re-purposed materials that I have picked up here and there. Any lace used is from France, and the linen side is linen purchased in an antique shop that was going out of business. A small bitty place with treasures. I could kick myself for not buying sheets and sheets of old monogram patterns for the alphabet. They were use to embroidery linen sheets. Guess I will have to go back!!!
the other side of the purse. Lots of fun things to look at.
..and finally the handle. It is four different color and type of ribbon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I am working!! Just can't show you what it is until I finish.
It is so hot here..107 today, that I have to keep telling myself
to keep moving.
Something fun for the last two week; five artsy gals are getting
together in a wonderful studio (one of the five) and creating
something new each week...or at least finishing a project that
was started. Her place is in the country and contributes to the
mind set of possibilities. A little bit of heaven on earth.
Her studio is out of this world big and full, I mean full, of
wonderful everything; antiques, huge tall cabinets filled with
lace,ribbons,fabric, paints, jewelry, you name it, she has it.
Maybe she will post a picture of her studio on her blog.

Have a great Monday.