Sunday, August 21, 2011


I call this follow the leader. My youngest daughter has always had a mind of her own and seldom followed the leader. If you look closely you will see one angel flying the opposite direction! lol

A little patriotic number that I gave away as well.

I loved the fabric I picked out for the backing.


  1. The angel flying in the opposite direction really made me smile!

    My youngest is quite headstrong, but so are all four of mine. ;-)
    I have a cut-out wooden angel standing guard on a windowsill, looking out for them, to guide them home safely.

    Congratulations on becoming a great-grandmother, such a joy!

  2. I love that fabric backing, too! And it's so awesome that you made one of the angels fly in the other direction!

  3. Hello Sharon,
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving your nice comment. Your quilts are lovely but my heart went pitter patter when I saw the red toile backing. Gorgeous! Have a delightful weekend.


  4. Thanks for following. I am following back. My sister is a quilter. I love Brenda at Cozy Little Cottage.