Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well it has been weeks since I looked at this page!! Hasn't changed much.

But this is my excuse! I have a new resident. yes...I will call her Madame A.
She slipped in the house 2 months ago and decided to sit on my shoulders!! She burned with desire clear down to my elbows! I would try to shake her off with bits of white stuff, but she would not budge. Then she kicked me in my butt!! REALLY, I am not kidding. ENOUGH, I said!!

I tried to pawn her off on my Doctor, but she would not take her and sent me to the
"see through your body place." They did not want her either. Finally, I found a special Doctor that invited us in and said; Fear not, I can help get her off your back.

I was sooooooooooo happy. He sent me home after much testing and gave me more white stuff to feed her, and she slid off of my shoulders, patted my butt, and left my house to probably go visit someone else my age.

Her real name is; Polymyalgia Rheumaticia. I hate to say this, but she is one mean critter. Each day is going to be better and better!!

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